A personal note from Peter...

Please note that this site is not “new.”

It is based entirely, word for word, on commentary concerning scams which I have shared in thousands of lectures, news articles, and television interviews over the past thirty years.

As many of you know, there is little on this planet that infuriates me more than hearing that the dreams and passion of an aspiring young performer have been manipulated, exploited, or destroyed for profit.

Simply responding to the complaints of isolated victims however, is not enough. We need to go beyond warning people to “watch out for this one or that one.” There needs to be a clear and credible explanation from those of us with decades of experience in this industry as to how things really work.

In that spirit, I have collected virtually all of my numerous past public statements on this topic, dating back to my first major television appearance (Donahue, 1987), and reproduced them here.

I hope my efforts over the years have helped and will continue to help protect you and those you care about.

Thank you.