New York and Hollywood

There’s an old saying in this business. (Actually, I’m joking; I made it up myself a few years ago.) It goes like this:

“You can’t get the jobs if you can’t make it to the auditions.”

All kidding aside, there are hundreds of talent and modeling companies, conventions, agencies, searches, industry photo booklets, and other such organizations all over America that are either oblivious of the above fact, or hope that YOU are.

Assuming you are “discovered” through one of the above places or organizations, the absolute best, most ideal scenario would be that they would secure some auditions for you in New York or Hollywood.

The problem?

You don’t live there, and you probably can’t get there often enough to make something happen.

Here’s what I mean:

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Casting is one of the very LAST things production companies and producers do when they’re involved with a project for film, television, commercials, or Broadway.

By the time they’re looking for talent, they’ve already raised the necessary funding or sponsors, hired all the major production people, and probably begun advertising the project.

This is one of the reasons, as any New York or Hollywood agent knows, many if not most calls for talent come in either the day before, or the day of, the audition.

Therefore, if you do not live within the New York or Hollywood area, or cannot get there within 3-4 hours maximum, it would be virtually impossible for you to make it to enough interviews, auditions, and callbacks, and therefore have enough of a chance to book something, for a major New York or Hollywood agency to consider you a worthwhile investment of their time and energy. (I’m assuming for a moment that you do not own your own private jet, and do not have unlimited resources to spend traveling back and forth, over and over again, from coast to coast from wherever you live.)

The same applies to those large infamous modeling and talent conventions in New York, Hollywood, and elsewhere. However, the sad thing is that you may indeed be spotted there by someone who takes a genuine professional interest in you.

Why is that “sad”?

Here’s another famous saying- this time I didn’t make it up:

“So close and yet so far...”

I’m referring to the fact that NOBODY, no matter how marketable they think you are, is going to “sponsor” your involvement in this business.

They are not going to fly you back and forth for interviews, auditions, and call-backs, they are not going to pay for your hotel accommodations, or allow you to sleep in their apartment for weeks at a time, nor are they going to feed you.

Peter Sklar Scam Fighter

In short, if you live far from New York or Hollywood, the strongest indication of interest you will ever hear from any major, legitimate New York or Hollywood agent, caster, or producer is the following:

“Please call me after you’ve moved here.”

That, as they say, is as good as it gets.